Absolute security in the urban area of Vinhomes Gardenia

One of the factors that many customers are interested in buying apartments in Vinhomes Gardenia is the security system, future residents can be assured of security services here. With professional staffs, modern equipment, perfect standards, absolute security in the urban area Vinhomes Gardenia, promising to bring a peaceful life in the right meaning.

Standard level of security from the brand Vinhomes
Vinhomes brand of luxury brands on utility services in the real estate industry in Vietnam. With the rigorous standards, Vinhomes security services not only ensure the safety and order in the urban area but also help residents avoid the insecurity, enjoy life perfect. Vinhomes has created a protective film for the outside world with a team of well-trained, professionally trained, professionally qualified, pioneering staff. For example, Vinhomes Riverside, Vinhomes Royal City. and next to the project Vinhomes Gardenia, the residents are always satisfied with the security system is guaranteed, live in a pure environment and absolute safety
Not only the staff, Vinhomes is at the forefront of deploying and implementing the most advanced multi-layered security system. With state-of-the-art equipment, advanced security, all 24/24. In each urban area there is a team of patrols and key points such as the exit and entrance of the city, for example in the royal city surveillance system is installed 100% of the route. roads, corridors and amenities

In addition, apply the automatic magnetic control card in each city, use facial recognition technology, or automatic fingerprint system in the apartment area … A security technology completely ensure the invasion It is safe to have outsiders break in, restricting theft, tightening the security of the urban area.
Finally, security system in each apartment, each villa, house. Door lock system incorporates 3 magnetic layers, applying European technology, audio and facial recognition with camera images at each apartment, or emergency alarm system, ensuring timely assistance. There is a problem, just press the button at the apartment and corridor buttons, security forces will be present in a few minutes.

Vinhomes Gardenia – Peaceful residents enjoy the full life
A single project launched in late 2017 under the Vinhomes brand, in addition to inheriting all the safe and secure rules of the Vinhomes brand, in addition to Vinhomes Gardenia will be closer and more investment in terms of security because it is a complex project with the scale up to 17.6ha, including many types of services number up to 2000 inhabitants.
With a team of dedicated security professionals, each unit will have employees with their own professional operations such as camera control team 24/7, in each zone there is always a security guard at the lobby, check Strictly check people in and out of the house, when customers come to urban areas, if residents have to produce ID cards or relevant documents for the most detailed control.

In addition to professional security staff, Vinhomes Gardenia also employs the most advanced camera system in the world today. All activities in the urban area are monitored closely and in the most detailed. The automatic magnetic card system incorporates an automatic camera to ensure that residents lose their cards or drop their tickets while still being secured on the spot, avoiding misleading or deliberately bluffing the car of the crook and Control the outsiders in the building against traditional car retention.

Installation of modern, state-of-the-art equipment
Another characteristic of Vinhomes Riverside is that, in order to better protect the residents of Vinhomes Gardenia, not only are they equipped with state-of-the-art equipment such as Cameras, Private elevator for residents and guests, in Vinhomes gardeina is used door systems, in front of the elevator door and apartment door are equipped with face recognition camera, voice and fingerprints to ensure the residence. People accidentally forget or drop the lock still open voice and face as well as identify guests

As a real estate product of Vingroup, inherited the advantages and advantages of the brand Vinhomes. Residents of Vinhomes Gardenia can be assured of full enjoyment of life. With the system of five-star amenities along with the absolute security system in the urban area of ​​Vinhomes Gardenia, the project was launched in late 2017, promising a boom in the real estate industry in Vietnam.

So Vinhomes Gardenia is the ideal project for customers to rent apartments Vinhomes Gardenia to live. Please call us soon to see the apartment soon