In the midst of noisy, bustling city to get a place with peace and fresh space is impossible but impossible to come to Discovery Complex you will enjoy a dream life.

Located at 302 Cau Giay – the gateway to the west of Hanoi capital, Discovery Complex owns the most beautiful location in the center of Cau Giay district. The Discovery Complex is directly connected to Vietnam’s first high-altitude railway line and is surrounded by many streets, green parks, parks, lakes and perfect technical infrastructure. you live a whole life.

What makes the Discovery Complex the “ultimate discovery” of life is the system of special facilities of the project. Discovery Complex is designed with green space interwoven between the apartment floor. These green areas not only harmonize the landscape and overall architectural space for the building, but also provide air conditioning and relaxation space for residents.

Discovery Modern, luxurious yet environmentally friendly
Developed the Discovery Complex project of Cau Giay Service Trading Joint Stock Company. All the buildings in the building are invested by the investor in the design to protect the natural environment and habitat for residents of the project.

Intelligent, elegant design always ensures the wind and natural light to each apartment. The artificial pool of over 400m2 is located in the middle of two tower blocks, such as a miniature lake, which has the effect of “cooling down” to bring fresh air and fresh air.

Understanding the infinite value of green space in modern life, the developer decided to dedicate a four-storey building to create authentic gardens. Following the trend of sustainable development with the environment, the design of natural harmony with the landscape of Discovery Complex not only create harmony in architecture, but also bring the perfect green living environment for the owner. the future.

The design is harmonious, intelligent
The design of harmony, intelligence between function and the friendliness of nature is the highlight of Discovery Complex. Intelligent design alternating between the skyscrapers is a cool, laid-back theme that gives a sense of roughness to buildings. In addition, the large square with straight green trees shaded, the flowers are multi-color care,

Discovery Complex as well as visitors when coming to this destination. Coming to this place, you will be walking in the middle of a green space, enjoy the relaxed feeling, forget about the fatigue in life.

Specially, green space
Especially, green spaces are not only located on the ground floor, but also in the space of each apartment, with the design of hanging gardens, trees in the corridors, the residents here are Can enjoy the fresh air, airy space, living in harmony with nature at his apartment.

In the middle of the city crowded with people to find a modern living space, luxury is easy but find a place that combines modern, luxurious with green living space is not simple. Therefore, Discovery Complex is a stopping place for many people who love modern conveniences that blend in with nature

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