General Comparison between Vinhomes Gardenia & Goldmark City

When evaluating any real estate project, we will evaluate the following factors: location, investor, design, legal document as well as internal and external utilities. Here we go to analyze the individual elements of the two projects: Goldmark City and Vinhomes Gardenia.


– Vinhomes Gardenia: Located in the area of Ham Nghi Street – Cau Dien, in the South of Tu Liem District – Hanoi, near Ho Tung Mau Street. Also, it is quite close to essential sites such as hospitals, universities and administrative centers but a little further from the center of Hanoi.

Vinhomes Gardenia

– Goldmark City: Located right at 136 Ho Tung Mau Street – one of the very important roads to travel from Hanoi to other provinces such as: Ha Tay, Phu Tho, Yen Bai and so on. It is opposite the park and regulating lake near 2 hectares has been planned – a prime location, a plus point for Goldmark City. It can be seen that Goldmark City and Vinhomes Gardenia are symmetrically located on Ho Tung Mau Street, just 1 kilometer far from each other. However, Vinhomes Gardenia is closer to My Dinh National Stadium than the other.

Goldmark City

In terms of objectivity, Goldmark City does not have a favorable geographic position compared to Vinhomes Gardenia as can be clearly observed on the map.


– Vinhomes Gardenia: invested by Vinhomes owner which is very prestigious and very familiar with many high-quality projects.

– Goldmark City: Real Estate Development and Investment JSC TNR Holdings Vietnam is the exclusive partner in management, operation and development of Goldmark city project and cooperate with Viet Han Trading – Advertising – Construction – Real Estate.

It can be said that the two owners are a rookie and a veteran. If you love the famous brand, you should choose the Vinhomes Gardenia; on the other side, you can choose the project Goldmark City 136 Ho Tung Mau Street if you consider about financial budget.


– The Vinhomes Gardenia project is inspired by the purest color of jasmine and pure scent, and designed with green buildings with the use of green trees, flowers and buildings with a construction density of less than 40%. On the other hand, Goldmark City is inspired by Singapore style, design by 4 squares such as The Light, Ruby, Sapphire and The Water. It can be seen that its design looks better than design of Goldmark City.

Vinhomes Gardenia’s landscapes

– The difference between Goldmark City and Vinhomes Gardenia is that Gardenia is a complex of apartments, adjacent villas while Goldmark City is an absolute luxury apartment.

Goldmark City’s Landscapes

– Gardenia is a combination of over 100 villas with a height of 2 to 4 floors with an area of 75 to 380m2, and three towers with a height of 37 to 39 floors designed by apartments from 1 to 4 bedrooms area ranges from 55 to 147m2. Meanwhile, Goldmark City has 5000 apartments with a height of 40 floors designed by apartments from 2-4 apartments.


Both of two projects have very high-end facilities such as swimming pool, garden, BBQ garden, children’s play area, gymnasium, beauty salon Spa and so on.

However, Vinhomes Gardenia My Dinh seems to have perfect utility services with green space and gardens (garden, garden, pet park, etc.), central square, shopping square, radio outdoor playground, cyber garden, jogging track, crowded commercial center and outdoor cafés with free Wi-Fi for active residents, Vinschool school system, hospital, swimming pool, gym, health care, spa, parking lot and so on.

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