Should Invest an Apartment in Discovery Complex for Lease?

Investing in Hanoi real estate for rent is always considered as one of the effective investing channels and it is selected by many customers. However, a project worthy of investment must meet the criteria of location, product quality, market potential … Is the Discovery Complex apartment is such a project and a worthwhile investment? Please analyze in the next article!

West Hanoi – Lively rental market
Located in the West of Hanoi, Discovery Complex is located in the most exciting rental market in Hanoi. With the city’s new administrative center, West Hanoi has become one of the fastest growing areas in the city. Here, the infrastructure system is built and synchronous.

Along with the synchronous development of transport infrastructure as well as social infrastructure, this area has more and more modern office buildings, which are home to many large corporations and international corporations. It is thanks to this that the rental market, especially in the high-end segment in the rapidly growing area. Customers who are willing to pay high rents are often domestic and foreign clients. These are also customers looking for high-end apartments, meeting the strict living standards and convenient for living as well as work.

Discovery Complex condominiums meet the gold standard
Located at 302 Cau Giay – Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay District – Hanoi, is located on Cau Giay Road and Chua Ha Street, in the west of Hanoi City. to meet the stringent standards of the tenants. The project has convenient transportation and living spaces meet standard standards and modern utilities to meet all living needs.

With a favorable location, Discovery Complex apartment is inherited a system of transport infrastructure and synchronization. Adjacent to a series of roads of the city … from the project can quickly move to anywhere, facilitate the travel, work of the customer. This is also the leading factor attracting visitors to the Discovery Complex

In addition, the project also enjoys a series of exotic luxury chain with large commercial centers, amusement parks, parks, supermarkets … best serve the lives of residents.

Not only are they benefiting from the location, Discovery Complex apartments also possess outstanding advantages, meeting the standards of ideal residences that customers are looking for. It is a high-end product of the most prestigious investors in the market, the project is designed with the most rigorous standards and brings a fresh, airy space, modern and dynamic. Residents will experience a peaceful and private life but equally comfortable with the chain of self-contained, satisfying all needs.

With great advantages resonating with market potential, investment potential Discovery Complex apartment is extremely large, promising to bring outstanding profits to the owners.