Three reasons customers choose Discovery Complex sedentary

If you are a customer searching for the Discovery Complex project, it is possible that future project assessments at the project will be necessary to make project comparisons more convenient. We have questioned many of our customers who have owned the apartment and here are some of the most prominent elements from the summary of the responses.

Discovery Complex condominium is converging all the most prominent features with the prime location, the building has modern facilities, perfect apartment design friendly with the environment to create a “home” green”. A perfect living space with outstanding facilities to affirm “class & luxurious lifestyle”. Each day with the Discovery Complex is a place for you to enjoy the “Discover the summit of life” and enjoy the full joy every day. Customers of Apartment Discovery Complex Cau Giay to enjoy life full of modern conveniences.

Discovery Complex is located at 302 Cau Giay – Dich Vong Ward – Cau Giay District – Hanoi, on Cau Giay Road and Chua Ha Street in the west of Hanoi

There are 3 prerequisites to evaluate the Discovery Complex apartment is located extremely favorable location:

1. Discovery Complex has 100m frontage at 302 Cau Giay, adjacent to the axis group of Cau Giay triangle – Tran Dang Ninh – Chua Ha. This gives the Discovery Complex flats 2 to 3 openings. At the same time, Discovery Complex is located in the center of the triangle: Dich Vien Park – Nghia Tan Park – Thu Le Park.
2. Discovery Complex has a special advantage to exploit business forms and amenities in close proximity to a wide range of common facilities in Cau Giay such as schools (Cau Giay Primary School, Nghia Tan Secondary School, Cau Giay High School); hospital (Hospital Cao Cao, Hospital 198); park (Dich Vien Park, Thu Le Park); Tourist sites (Museum of Ethnology); Stadium (Nghia Tan stadium)
3. The final prerequisite is the city’s overhead railway (running from Nhon to Hanoi Railway Station) connected to the project at the second floor of the trade center. This is considered a huge advantage, increasing the level of competition Discovery Complex for other projects. As a connecting point of the railway, it also brings convenience in traffic, the crowded bustle of shopping needs, is the premise for the success of the trade center as well as the general project. Discovery Complex.


Inheriting the elite from other luxury projects, the entire Discovery Complex apartment project is highly appreciated for architecture as well as landscape design. First of all, the project space is oriented towards the current green building trend, where trees are the highlight of a fast-growing area of infrastructure, high-rise buildings.

Each apartment is well cared for the design, and is equipped with quality furniture. The most prominent feature in the design is the beautiful view, ventilation from all balconies, windows. In addition, the flexibility in the area is also a plus point for each customer can find suitable products in the project. Discovery Complex design is considered a standard model for today’s projects.