Vinhomes residence Gardenia dream life

Vinhomes Gardenia apartment building with investor is Vingroup Group, one of the leading private economic groups in Vietnam. For the first time in Vietnam, the Vinhomes Gardenia apartment project is a harmonious combination of nature and urban living environment. Located in the west of Hanoi, the noble garde or gardenia is also known as the Green City Functional City of Green Garde.

With the size of 17.6ha and total investment of about 4,850 billion VND. The urban area of Vinhomes Gardenia is also known for its splendid and delicate design, to where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the modern architecture harmony with nature in the heart of the city.

Overview of the project Vinhomes Gardenia

– Residential land with a total area of 142,365, including: public land area of 4,167sq.m, land for sport and sports facilities of 15.999m2, school land (secondary school, secondary school) 11,018m2, At 83.886m2, parking lot and underground works 2.159m2, land area and area 20.716m2.

– Group land with 83.886m2 area includes types: low-rise apartment 53,291sq.m, 16.413m2 high-rise apartment building and 14,182sqm of internal traffic.
– The land area of the city has a total area of 28,326 m2;
1. Location:
Vinhomes Gardenia is located in the prime location between the center of demand, population density along the Nhue River

Investor Vinhomes
Vinhomes Gardenia possesses the advantage of Vingroup – one of the leading real estate corporations in Vietnam. With the majority of real estate projects, the prestige of the investor is always one of the factors that are extremely interested in the customers, factors that influence the decision of trust and purchase decision of customers. That is the reason why Vinhomes Garden City guests from the time when not open.
Vinhomes Gardenia is located in the Vinhomes high-end residential product range – Vingroup’s impressive home-branded apartment building in 2015. With the success of the pre-eminent projects such as Vinhomes Times City Minh Khai, Vinhomes Royal City, Vinhomes Garden City’s urban combination promises to be the ideal choice for the other

Evaluate :
– Designed in the open space, divided into separate functional space but still flexible connection with each other.
– The fire protection system meets the standards of the National Fire Protection Association of the United States.
– The kitchen area of ​​Vinhomes Garden City is equipped with all equipment: kitchen cabinet, electromagnetic cooker, hood, sink and wash …
– The system of wall cabinets, kitchen cabinets, lavabo cabinets are designed in modern style, luxurious, especially using accessories (hinges, door handles …) of Germany (Hafele or equivalent) assisting It does not break, protects wood and paint.
– The toilet area is equipped with the highest level of luxury equipment: bathroom glass, Lavabo, bathtub …
Bedroom .
– Central heating system stable. The apartments of Vinhomes Gardenia are equipped with a total water filter system, with safety filter in each functional zone.
– The bedrooms are guaranteed to be full of natural light and ensure air convection, paved with natural or imported high-grade industrial wood from Europe.
– Modern air-conditioning system.
– High-grade ceiling lights provide a warm space for your family.
– Doorbell system displays images.
– Doors: made of fire resistant wood door.
– Door lock system: integrates 3 modern control features: fingerprint, spare key and key code.
4.Villomes Gardenia Benefits
Gardenia apartment complex with perfect utility services with a green space for children and elderly, square area, children’s playground, shopping mall, shopping center Busy and outdoor cafés with free wifi for active residents, Vinschool school system, hospital, swimming pool, gym, health care, spa, car parking.
Vingroup is always at the forefront of creating new living standards for its residents, and Vinhomes Gardenia is constantly striving to bring its residents the best life.This is the senior apartment for the customer when renting apartments Vinhomes Gardenia