Situated in the heart of the city and the most epic of the project spreading along two main corridors, The Botanica villas is designed by the world’s leading developer – West Green – of neoclassical, low-density buildings, private security lock, along with romantic highlights such as lawn grass, flower lake, flower hill, water square, children’s pool and badminton court.

Villas information:

Quantity: 58 villas

Type of villa: Single

Number of floors: 3 floors

Land area: From 209.2m2 to 381.65m2


Located next to the villas, The Botanic Garden adjacent villas will bring an active and peaceful life to the privacy of the host. You can admire splendid streets and flowers, but still feel the fresh air at the adjacent villa on the grounds of The Botanica.

Information about adjacent villas:

Quantity: 65 units

Number of floors: 4 floors

Land area: From 74.5m2 to 301m2


In the subdivision of The Botanica, in addition to the villas and adjacent villas, the shophouse is the perfect choice for homeowners who want to live and do business there.

The “double” function – doing business on the first floor and conveniently living “one step to the street” in the upper floor is the outstanding advantages of this type of real estate. As a result, the shophouse is of high commercial value and is still consistent with the long-standing habits of the Vietnamese economy.

Shophouse information:

Quantity: 172 units

Number of floors: 4.5 floors

Land area: From 88.5 m2 to 262.7 m2

Construction area: From 73m2 to 190m2


Shophouse Arcadia consists of 69 townhouses with luxurious architecture, spacious frontage and reasonable pavement area for commercial purposes. Owners can freely create a variety of living spaces and use flexible ground floors to open stores or rent offices, while still being able to live comfortably upstairs.

Additionally, Shophouse Arcadia also enjoys superior commercial advantage by being located next to 3 apartment buildings with more than 2,000 families and Vinschool schools, thereby maximizing the number of frequent crowded clients. This is the place to open English centers, bookshops, fastfood stores, beauty salons, pediatric clinics, mini supermarkets. Shophouse Arcadia owners also enjoy a convenient “one step to street” life with amenities such as 50m long The Arcadia Pool 50 meters in length, BBQ Garden, Yoga Floor, Tennis Court and so on.

Information about shophouse arcadia:

Quantity: 69 units

Number of floors: 4 floors

Land area: From 99.2m2 – 318.48m2

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