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Evaluate the situation of apartments for rent market in Ho Chi Minh city 2019

Evaluate the situation of apartments for rent market in Ho Chi Minh city 2019

Evaluate the situation of apartments for rent market in Ho Chi Minh city 2019

Evaluate the situation of apartments for rent market in Ho Chi Minh city 2019

In recent years, the demand for cheap apartments for rent in the HCMC real estate market has increased rapidly, especially in Vinhomes Central Park. Let’s take a look at the situation of renting cheap Vinhomes Central Park apartments today and identify the situation of Saigon apartments for rent in 2019.

The situation of cheap apartment for rent in HCMC now

Vinhomes Central Park is located at the eastern gateway of the city, is expected to be the administrative and economic center of Ho Chi Minh City in the future. This is a district with a convenient geographical location, easy to move to the Central District with only takes from 10- 20 minutes. It can be said that, with its geographical location, Vinhomes Central Park for rent is an ideal choice not only for those who want to own a house near the center but also an ideal place to rent an apartment. go back, work.

In recent years, the expansion of Ho Chi Minh City’s economic development to suburban districts such as District 2 and Thu Duc District has brought a large number of laborers and experts to live and work. The demand for housing, especially the demand for renting Vinhomes Central Park apartments, is increasing and never shows signs of cooling down. The reason this door is explained is that in addition to convenient location, modern and synchronous transportation, the rental price of apartments in Vihomes is also extremely affordable.

According to preliminary statistics, Binh Thanh is currently one of the districts with lower apartment rental rates than other districts. If in District 1, the average rental price of an apartment ranges from VND 12-20 million / month, the rental price for Vinhomes apartments is only VND 5-10 million / unit. Take only one example at Petroland apartment, the common apartment rental price is from VND 6-8 million / month for a 2-bedroom apartment. This is considered a price suitable for many people’s income, so the number of people flocking to District 2 to rent apartments is increasing.

Evaluation of the situation of renting apartments in Vinhomes, HCMC 2019

Real estate experts said that in 2019 the demand for cheap apartments in Ho Chi Minh City in general and Vinhomes Central Park apartments in District 7 continues to increase, the trend is stable and still a bright spot in the real estate market. HCMC real estate.

In the coming year, many important transport projects such as Thu Thiem 4 Bridge and Ring Road 2 will be properly cared for. Apartment for rent projects in Vinhomes will be built on beautiful locations with cool fronts and convenient transportation. Factories, industrial parks, and technology zones continue to be built in the East, making the rental market for apartments in Binh Thanh District cheap.

n 2019, the Saigon apartment rental market will welcome more new apartment projects, making the supply of apartments more abundant and more diverse. Among those projects, it can be mentioned Masteri Thao Dien apartment project is expected to be completed at the end of 2018 with 744 apartments or Cities to Apartment project with 528 apartments …

In parallel with the increase in the number of apartments for rent in Vinhomes Central Park, the quality of apartments for rent will also be significantly improved. This is not only reflected in the design and layout of each apartment, but also in the interior decoration, utilities, etc. This is something that is welcomed by the current context, tenants. Not only interested in a simple apartment, but also about the quality of life when living in that apartment. Improving the quality of apartments will increase the competitiveness of such apartments in the market, meeting the increasing living needs of tenants.

In addition, experts also forecast that with abundant supply while demand for rent is limited, the rent of Vinhomes apartments will slow down, not increase over the same period. Even with the current momentum, the price of apartments for rent in Ho Chi Minh City will continue to decrease. This is a good sign for people who need to rent apartments in 2018.

Above are the assessments on the situation of Binh Thanh district apartments for rent and trend trends in 2019. Hopefully, with the information, we have shared, you have a better overview of the situation. Apartment market for rent in Binh Thanh.

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